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What is Reiki?


 An ancient Japanese healing technique, Reiki means "Universal Life Force" and has been changing peoples lives for hundreds of years. This spiritual art form and "laying of hands" helps to promote inner harmony and self -guidance. At Releve' Reiki we strive to raise vibrations one soul at a time. Vital energy is restored when the chakras are balanced. Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation that helps promote calmness and greater clarity.

Restorative Benefits of Reiki


Are you experiencing stress, physical exhaustion, grieving the loss of a loved one or a precious pet?  Are you taking care of everyone but yourself? Life is full of never ending change. Although change can often be the greatest catalyst for growth, many times we get stuck in the cycle of feeling run down and worn out and simply "not ourselves." Ever increasing daily stress takes its toll on the body. When we deplete our "stores" of energy, we often wind up feeling mentally exhausted and can even become physically ill.  Reiki sessions provide a positive effect on spiritual , mental and emotional well-being. How you look and feel is related to the energy in your chakras. As a reiki practitioner channels positive energy through the seven chakras, negative energy such as stress, anxiety, sadness and grief can often be released and loosen their hold.

The Reiki Experience


After taking a few deep inhalations,  the body slowly enters an alpha state. Brain waves slow, and the body begins to relax and unwind. Utilizing essential oils and selecting crystals tailored to the client's individual needs help to support the release of tension. Tranquility is further enhanced with ambient  background music. People typically feel less anxious, more relaxed and some may become so restful they fall asleep. You may experience a slight tingling, heat, or vibrational energy.  A treatment is often perceived as a warm glowing radiance that flows in and around you. 



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LisaAnn, Intuitive Reiki Master


Usui Reiki Master, M. Ed, BS Psychology

Member, IARP, International Association of Reiki Professionals

Educational Consultant with over 20+ years experience



Animal lover & rescue mom

Dance mom and lover of all things dance


Behind the Scenes

LisaAnn is a certified intuitive Reiki Master, with a seasoned background in education, and psychology. She is married to a very patient man for over 20 years & mother to four amazing children. Well, mostly amazing!  Lisa is also a dog mom to 3 attention seeking needy rescues. If you have a dog, or any pet she will most likely ask for a picture. She loves travel, wine, yoga and sarcasm. Life is too short. Laughter is the best medicine...combined with Reiki, of course.

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